Dear Ace Hardware,

I went to your store on West Market Street in Greensboro today to have 2 keys made. Unfortunately, one of them didn’t work when I met my new tenants at the house at 5pm. So I hightailed it back to the store to get the key fixed. I arrived at what I thought was 5.25 but when I got there, two Employees already had the door signed turned. They were still in the store so I got out and ran up to the door. I told them I got the key made there this morning and I needed it rekeyed because it didn’t work and one employee walked out right by me, ignoring me. The other said “We’re closed.” “You’re still inside the store- I just need you to fix the key you made for me this morning.” He Replied “We’re closed.” I said “But you’re right there- can’t you just fix this key for me right quick?” to which he replied “Can’t help you til in the morning.”

This is not the first time I have had issue with customer service in one of your stores. But this will be the last because I promise you one thing- I will never set foot in another Ace Hardware if I can help it. Lowe’s and Home Depot not only have hours past 5.30, but I have never been treated so rudely by one of their employees. Customer Service should be the rule, NOT the exception.




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One Response to Dear Ace Hardware,

  1. Betzilla says:

    I concur, MD. My experience was quite similar and I will never EVER darken the door of that particular Ace again. I want to give business local…but only when my biz is appreciated.

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